Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Katie and Simon's Wedding

Now I've done plenty of weddings before, but this one was different, this one I was doing "properly". I'd planned for months for this so how did it go? Great, I was happy with the photos, and the day as a whole.

A selection of images from the day can be found at http://www.photoboxgallery.com/lenmarten/3107098

My faithful EOS 20D did alright, and the new Image Stabiliser lens worked a treat in the church with no flash. Worth every one of those four hundred notes.

Unfortunately on the Sunday, I dropped my laptop and on it all the photos. When I got back home and tried to copy all the photos off the hard disk and onto my external storage did I discover the extent of the damage. The hard disk now sounds like a bunch of keys in a tumble dryer. Not cool.

Having a past firmly in IT, I had this covered. All the images were still on the memory cards - and thanks to the Wife's laptop, these got backed up straight away!

A new hard drive has been ordered and will be with me for Wednesday. Ready for, wait for it, a photo session at The Mill Adventure Centre down in Exmoor, North Devon.


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